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Precision Polish, LLC.
144 Adams St
Frankfort, NY 13340
Phone: (315) 894-3792 Fax: (315) 894-8723
We can perform work on any metals ranging from soft aluminum, copper, bronze, and brass to the harder aerospace materials including stainless steel, titanium, and more complex nickel/cobalt alloys. Precision will work to process dimensional stock removal using contour guillotine gauging and other conventional measuring devices. We can prepare your metal items prior to plating for the desired finish you require. Finishes can range from cast layer removal, satin finish or to a highly polished mirror finish. There are also bead, sandblast, and matte finish capabilities if needed. Check above and the Gallery of Work section for some examples of our work and our facilities.

Vapor Degreaser

We can furthermore place your parts through our ultrasonic vapor degreaser if needed.
Vapor degreasing is a surface finishing process. It involves solvents in vapor form to cleanse the workpiece in preparation for further finishing operations.